Climate Change is one of the rising topics all around the world. The rising temperature and the rapid climate change is resulting in the destruction of the resources that we have on our planet. The rapid emission of greenhouse gasses is making things difficult for the people as they are unable to even breathe in the polluted air. A recent report showed how three islands totally disappeared in the past couple of years and there are the people who were residing on those islands have lost their homes and have to move to other places.

Anote Tong who use to live in a village named Tebunginako, which was situated on the central Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. The village started experiencing the rise in the water at the beginning of the 70s. The water started to rise in inches towards the houses that were situated on the island. The island was covered with seawall which later depleted due to the rise in the tidal waves which were caused by the flow of heavy winds. Due to the climate change, the water level started to rise rapidly as at the end, people were forced to move out from the island.

There is no sign of the island today as the ocean has taken over the land. Tong said, “It’s no longer there. What we do have is a church sitting in the middle of the sea when the tide comes in.” By the time the crops began to damage and the tidal waves took over the fresh source of water on which the residents of the island used to rely on. Tong was the president of the small country Kiribati. Kiribati was made of 32 atolls from the year 2003 to 2006. Tong also said, “In the near future, communities may have to relocate. When it hits you directly, it’s very difficult for you to deny it.”


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