There was a time when Japan was into the business of whales. The business of whaling is capturing the wales and selling further. But back in 80s International Whaling Commission (IWC) put a restriction of Japan to carry on the whaling commercially. The exact year was 1980 when IWC banned the commercial Whaling. The act of banning Whaling activity came into action in the year 1986. Japan was allowed to perform whaling for scientific experiments in 1988.

As per the inquiries, Japan was up to selling whale meat in the market without any permission. After more than 30 years Japan is coming back to the business of whaling. The act came to an end last December and it was also mentioned that the whale meat was being sold in the name of science and that will no longer be necessary. From July 1, Japan will be back in the commercial whaling business. As per Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, IWC was focused on saving the whales back then. He said in a statement, “In its long history, Japan has used whales not only as a source of protein but also for a variety of other purposes.

Engagement in whaling has been supporting local communities, and thereby developed the life and culture of using whales.” The initiative of the kickstart of the whaling industry is going to take place from June 1. As per the Japan Times, the fleet of fishermen who were escorting whales for the scientific means will be organizing an opening event in association with the Japanese government to kick-start the mission they left a long time ago. Japan has agreed that their fleets are going to work within the waters that fall in their territory and will not hunt whales in the international waters to maintain international relationships. Before the ban, Japan was consuming more than 200,000 tons of whale meat back in the 60s which was reduced to 3,000 tons by 2016.



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