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Greenhouses gases are those which cannot exit the atmosphere and increase the temperature on earth. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs and many others also. According to a report we came to know that methane levels are rising in the atmosphere but scientists are not able to find out the main reason why this is happening. This could further harm the targets which are set with the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change as this gas will impact the atmosphere adversely and getting worse day by day.

The Paris Agreement was signed by the nations to keep the global warming below 2 degrees Celcius. “The current growth [in methane] has now lasted over a decade,” the study said. “If growth continues at similar rates through subsequent decades, the evidence presented here demonstrates that the extra climate warming impact of the methane can significantly negate or even reverse progress in climate mitigation from reducing CO2 emissions.”

The methane level before the industrialization was around 720 parts per billion but arose from that to 1,645 parts per billion. These emissions saw upliftment and the decrease after one year. Emissions reached 1,850 ppb in 2017 and now is growing and growing. Matt Rigby who is a scientist from UK University told that researchers had hoped atmospheric methane levels would start falling. “But we’ve seen quite the opposite: It’s been growing steadily for over a decade,” he said. “It’s just such a confusing picture. Everyone’s puzzled. We’re just puzzled.”

Northern and mid-latitude are prone to increased growth of methane “The increase is continuing,” the team wrote, adding that since 2007, the carbon isotope ratio—which is normally used to identify the origin of the methane—had changed significantly, indicating a shift of the source. But the major problem is that scientists do not know why this methane is rising in the atmosphere and it is becoming a big threat to mankind. “The need to determine the factors behind the recent rise in methane is urgent: indeed, essential if global warming is to be limited within the Paris Agreement limits,” they concluded. Methane is produced by various sources and main is the breakdown of biological material. Fossil fuel industry is also the main reason behind it.

Methane gets destroyed in the environment but now it is not disintegrating that fast and this suggests if the methane level is not increasing but for sure methane which is already present in the environment is lingering in the atmosphere.


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