According to the new study, it was found that people all over the world are consuming plastics. Yes, you read it right, an average person consumes more than 50,000 microplastic particles in a year either by eating or breathing. During the study, a small number of foods and drinks were studied and plastic particles were found in those eatables. As per the reports it was also found that if you drink a lot of plastic bottled water, the chances are that you are consuming a lot of microplastic particles. Scientists have not figured out the impacts of the microplastic on the immune system and other internal parts.

It was found that the small pieces that people may intake during eating, drinking, or breathing can probably penetrate the body tissues as the microplastic have a tendency to release toxic materials into the body which also can affect the immune system. Microplastic pollution is generally caused by disintegration of plastic waste. Microplastics are present almost everywhere such as in the air, rivers, soil and even in the deep oceans. Scientists found the presence of microplastic particles in the human body after they examined the stool samples back in October and microplastics are also detected in the tap water, seafood, beer, and bottled water.

According to the new research which was published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, it was found that microplastic particles are present in fish, shellfish, sugar, salt, beer, and water, as well as in the air in cities as they also studied the data from the other 26 studies that were conducted back in the years. Kieran Cox, at the University of Victoria in Canada, who led the research said, “We don’t know a huge amount. There are some major data gaps that need to get filled. It is really highly likely there is going to be large amounts of plastic particles in these. You could be heading into the hundreds of thousands.”



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