The London Marathon is coming up and the plastic waste is also about to increase. The marathon is on Sunday and it is going to be 26.2-miles and the runners have to run around the capital. The event raised the charity of around £63 million last year but there was a lot of waste left over especially plastic water bottles. Last year, the waste weighed around 5,200kgs of garbage which was collected by the Westminster City Council and 3,500kgs of recyclable plastic was collected from the garbage which had more than 4,700 plastic bottles and the council has estimated that these numbers can increase compared to the last year.

London Marathon, Lucozade Sport stations, Hugh Brasner, Westminster City Council
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The London Marathon has made some pretty big changes this year which includes the reduction of the drink stations from 26 to 19 which will reduce the number of water bottles by 215,000. They have decided to use compostable cups at three Lucozade Sport stations and a new addition is being made this time and that is edible seaweed capsules at one of their stations. This time the council has decided to use 100% or 50% recycled plastic water bottles and the race instructions are going digital so that they can reduce the use of papers.

Apart from all the additions and subtractions made in the event, there is a new thing which is being introduced to the runners, A bottle belt which is made by recycled plastic and it will be provided to 700 runners and it will be able to store 250 ml bottles to carry during the run. “We’re trying to lead the way… there’s a raft of initiatives we are using this year that we think will lead to some huge behavioral changes in the future,” conveyed London Marathon event director Hugh Brasner on BBC Radio 5 Live, he added, “Encouraging runners to trial bottle belts could also “hugely reduce the amount of bottles used on the course.”



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