The rising problem in our environment is the rising temperature and one of the reasons behind the rising temperature is fossil fuel and the greenhouse gasses as the emission of gasses from these fuels get stuck in the atmosphere. This could only get worse if we keep using the gasses in a frequent manner. The solution to this situation is if we can manipulate the greenhouse gasses into less-damaging gasses, the results can be profitable to our atmosphere. Researchers from Stanford University have planned a common proposal for everyone in which they desire to derive the most dangerous greenhouse gasses like methane into carbon dioxide, which is less toxic and dangerous to our atmosphere and for us too.

As per the researchers, methane is around 84 times stronger than carbon dioxide and it has been more than 20 years that methane is being exposed into the atmosphere and if methane is turned into carbon dioxide then it would be fruitful for our environment and people living in it too and this operation may result in the elimination of global warming by one-sixth percent of the current effective global warming. The proposal from the researchers from Stanford University was published in the journal Nature Sustainability. In an interview with Inverse, Robert Jackson, a senior fellow at Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and chair of the Global Carbon Project, conveyed, “We should be putting the same thought and study into removing methane as we are for carbon dioxide. My goal is to restore the atmosphere, which is a more powerful goal than stabilizing temperatures.”

The plan is to convince the private industries to work on their plans to take out methane out of the air and convert it into carbon dioxide by using a catalyst and release the converted carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or sell that carbon dioxide to other companies who need it. The carbon dioxide generated by removing about 20 percent of the methane from the environment may generate between $500,000 to $5 million within a year.


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