The government of Mexico has ordered that the schools situated in Mexico and outside Mexico City will remain closed because of the rising levels of pollution and smog in the air. The orders were passed on Thursday. The order has been passed for both public and private schools of Mexico City metropolitan area, as it is the home for more than 20 million people.

Government has suggested everyone stay at home and try not to do any outdoor activities like exercising and playing and have even asked to avoid using contact lenses. The classes will be suspended in the metropolitan area due to pollution. The orders were out on Thursday by the principals of two different cities, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the National Polytechnic Institute.

The authorities declared an environmental emergency in all over the city as the smog has caused invisibility on the road which may cause a lot of mishappenings. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador addressed the problem in a news conference on Wednesday, calling the pollution in the capital “highly regrettable.” Particulate issue estimating 2.5 micrometers or less, known as PM2.5, achieved 158 micrograms for each cubic meter of air at one estimating station on Tuesday morning, in excess of multiple times the World Health Organization day by day mean prescribed point of confinement. The city was also infamous for its poor air quality back in the ’90s but the things started to get worse after some time as the air quality was improved back in 1990s.

Mexico City’s environmental commission occupants to maintain a strategic distance from open-air exercises and Mexico’s first division football alliance deferred a match among León and Club América, which was expected to be played in the capital on Wednesday. City hall leader Claudia Sheinbaum said she would consider dropping school classes if the contamination deteriorated. She said schools were at that point keeping their students inside at break time.


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