The new study found that the rise in the water levels can increase more than expected due to which the calamities can occur faster than we think. The reason behind the rising sea level is the ice melting in Greenland and Antarctica. If looked according to the future, then it is expected that the seas levels will rise by the maximum in all over the world by the year 2100. The expert opinion says that the water levels can rise by double in a very small time as this may result in the displacement of millions of people. Due to the instability of the melting of the ice in Antarctica, thousands of penguin chicks are going extinct. Even the officials from Antarctica’s last forest have warned regarding the rising sea levels of Antarctica.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) raised a question mark on the rising sea levels as it became the most unjustified and controversial statement which was mentioned in their fifth assessment report in 2013. It said the water level of the seas around the world will increase between 52cm and 98cm by the year 2100 because of the rising temperature of the Earth and if we don’t opt the required measures then the problem could get worse. To dig deep into the matter, the experts started a discussion in which they made predictions regarding the things happening in Greenland, West, and East of Antarctica and named it with the term structured expert judgment study.

The researchers conveyed that if the process of the melting ice continued with the current speed, the seas all around the world could experience a huge rise by 62cm to 238cm in the water level by 2100. As the world’s temperature would rise by 5C which is said to be one of the worst cases for Global Warming. Lead author Prof Jonathan Bamber from the University of Bristol said, “For 2100, the ice sheet contribution is very likely in the range of 7-178cm but once you add in glaciers and ice caps outside the ice sheets and thermal expansion of the seas, you tip well over two meters.”


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