Climate Change is one of the most serious topics to worry about today. The emission of the greenhouse gases is leading the rise in the temperature due to which the environmental disturbance is taking place. The places where the highest temperature was 12 degrees Celcius has gone up to 27 degrees Celcius. If we do not look over the solutions. We might lead to the end of the whole world. Recently, Carnegie-Mellon University the director of the organization called Project Drawdown proposed hundreds of solutions to climate change and some of the solutions actually surprised the people.

Jonathan Foley, an atmospheric scientist who took the helm of Project Drawdown late last year, after the list was made said, “Some solutions were a total surprise. Some surprised me, and I’ve been working at this for a long time.” Some of the solutions consist of the use of electric vehicles, eating of a plant-rich food, changes in our daily use of the appliances and reserve deforestation. The organization claims that it is the first ever organization to find out the easy solutions of the climate change problem like ending the carbon emission and saving money out of it.

Foley said, “Women, have a disproportionate share of decision making around what happens in the home. In terms of water, cooking, food, food waste, fuel choices, how homes are heated, how they’re built, how they’re used. So this also is a powerful kind of Girl Effect, we call it, on our world. It’s enormous and combined with family planning access, it’s one of the most powerful climate solutions of all.” Educating girls according to Foley may decrease 51.48 gigatons of carbon emissions. Give women access to family planning resources, may result in saving another 59.6 GT. “Women who have more access to education and more opportunity tend to have fewer children, and a little bit later in life,” Foley said.


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