People are getting aware about the rising problem of pollution in our society. The pollution made out of plastics and so-called recyclable products. Nikki Smith who is from Ohio joined an online society called the Zero Waste and started following the tips for using different products which are better than recyclable products.

Smith says over email, “I kept seeing post after post after post of people sharing photos and info on ‘look at these zero-waste things I just bought!’, It just boiled me long enough that I had to speak up.”

She later posted to convince more people to stop buying the zero waste products, she conveyed, “A lot of these items were ordered online with unrecyclable packaging, and then there are fuel emissions from shipping, And a lot of these items I kept thinking probably could have been found second-hand somewhere. Water bottles especially! They’re everywhere.”

She is not the only one who has taken an initiative to urge people. The amount of support she got on her post via comments says it all. One of the comment says, “See, this is nice, You didn’t miss the whole point and buy fancy new bamboo cutlery when you already had metal stuff at home that would work perfectly well.” According to the records, the companies that make reusable water bottle values up to $8 billion which actually increased after 2017 and it is expected that the profit will reach $93 billion by the year 2025.

A blogger named Anne-Marie Bonneau runs her blog with the name Zero-Waste Chef. She started her blogs back in 2014, she mentions that she uses the recyclable products very rarely as recycling is the last step for her because she prefers those products which do not require recycling. She says, “I get emails every day from companies saying, ‘Hey, we want to partner with you and sell our reusable straw’ or upcycled shoes or whatever, I think that’s just how we’ve been trained. We’re such a consumer society, we think, ‘Oh I have this problem, what can I buy to solve it?’ Instead of just being resourceful and looking around.”


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