This is the era of recycling and if you are not a part of the recycling society than you don’t deserve to be here because contributing to cleaning up our surroundings will result in no pollution and will spread happiness because the things you are throwing our in the garbage will be re-developed and will be reused by you only which will help in stopping pollution. If you are a responsible citizen who throws up the garbage in the recycle bin, are you pretty sure that you are doing it right?

The I-Team is here to find the mistakes in your garbage dumping process which may even harm the recyclers who are recycling your garbage. As sometimes people throw or dump materials which can be stuck in the conveyor belts of the machine and even injure the workers. According to ABC7, there are two of the very stressing problems that recyclers face. Area director of Waste Management in Illinois, Tom Vujovi said, “So this is all residential right here. We receive about 5 hundred tons of residential recycling and then this pile of here would be our commercial or business recycling we get in and we get in about 30 to 50 tons a day.” People normally give a big pile of things to recycle to the local recycling programs but they do not realize the risk behind the amount or the product that they are providing.

Vujovi said, “25% of the stream is considered containment whether it’s those plastic packaging pieces, organics, food, bowling balls sharp needles propane tanks but the boxes aren’t containment, absolutely not.” The experts at the recycling factories conveyed that when people dump the big cardboard boxed, they should the plastic out of it and then break up the cardboard boxes. Vujovi conveyed in an interview with the Sun-Times, “The plastic bags cause problems for us on an equipment perspective. If you look down here you’ll see a lot of these shafts wrapped around with plastic and those plastic bags actually take away from the effectiveness of the equipment to really be able to sort out all of these containers that you’re seeing right here and that’s why we ask all these grocery bags that we’re seeing in our stream for folks to take them back to the grocery market.”


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