As per the UN environmental department, almost every country in the entire world has come to an agreement to reduce the pollution spreading due to plastic except the United States. Recently a meeting was arranged in the UN to discuss a bill regarding the pollution spreading from plastic waste and the use of toxic chemicals.

The meeting agenda was to agree on the terms to track the different types of plastic waste. The waste plastic floats over the water surface of oceans and rivers which sabotage the wildlife which results in death. The usage of plastic in different products like health care, technology, fashion, food, and beverages. The agreement is to monitor and track the plastics being moved outside the borders of different countries.

Rolph Payet from United Nations Environment Program conveyed, “This historic event is linked to 186-countries, it’s sending a very strong political signal to the rest of the world — to the private sector, to the consumer market — that we need to do something, countries have decided to do something which will translate into real action on the ground.”

Payet continued by conveying that every country should find a way to figure out the solution to the rising problem and follow up with the agreement. The agreement is also going to affect the countries who have not signed the accord like the United States when they will send the plastic waste shipment from countries to countries. Norway was the first country to take the initiative when it was introduced back in September as Payet also gave credit to the country.

Payet conveyed, “The framework “is historic in the sense that it is legally binding, they (the countries) have managed to use an existing international instrument to put in place those measures. There is going to be a transparent and traceable system for the export and import of plastic waste”


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