WattTime, a non-profit artificial intelligence company has come up with a resource that will inform us about the exact amount of air pollution coming out from every power plant of the world. The plan is to use the satellite imaging to track the air pollutants such as carbon emission in real time from the power plant all over the world and the data is going to be released out in the public.

WattTime, Air pollution, Digital Globe
Image Source: Vox

The unfortunate data and monitoring have made it difficult to set the restrictions on power plants but the system that WattTime is going to use will provide the exact information and data of the carbon emission from the power plants. According to the information by the State of Global Air report, air pollution comes on the fifth position in causing the most life threats every year, and whenever any common person tries to search the details regarding this data, they are provided with only half or less than half of the information as it caused 5 million early deaths and sabotage around 147 million years of healthy life every year and the countries who invest in such big power plants are suffering the most due to the air pollution.

The mission is to provide the data through the networks like the European Union’s Copernicus network and the US Landsat network including the providers who charge people for their services like Digital Globe. To fetch the respective data various type of sensors like thermal infrared sensors which will detect heat signatures which will be used to identify the number of different wavelengths. With the amount of visible smoke, NO2 emission, and heat, WattTime claims that they can identify the exact amount of air pollution emission in real time which even includes the carbon emission from each and every power plant of the world.



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