We all just living our lives normally but we don’t realize and look over the conditions that are getting worse on a daily basis. We don’t realize that we are the ones who are polluting the air around us and believe it or not, we are the main reason behind the rapid climate change. We are increasing the amount of climate-polluting emissions on a high level than ever. As per the data presented by Cool Effect, about 17 tons of harmful carbon dioxide is emitted by an average American and that carbon dioxide is equivalent to CO2e which represents the mixture of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses. Comparing with the carbon footprint goals to zero, 17 tons are enough compared to the goals we are setting for us.

There are methods to decrease our carbon footprints such as using public transport instead of using personal vehicles which will reduce the emission of the mixture of other gasses with the carbon compounds. Using air conditions accordingly and periodically and buying carbon offsets. In an interview with Mic, Jonathan Smith, senior director of sourcing and sales at Bluesource Renewables conveyed, “Almost every activity we engage in produces greenhouse gas emissions. On an individual level, your greenhouse emissions include [things like] your commute to work, your plastic takeout containers, [and] the water and electricity used in your apartment. As a country, our collective emissions include those from burning fossil fuels for electricity or transportation, timber harvesting, landfill emissions, and oil and gas extraction, to name a few.”

Now, the question comes, what is carbon offset? A carbon offset is an investment plan in which we can find ways to reduce the emission of the gasses or increase the storage of the greenhouse gas emissions. As per the director of the western region climate and clean energy program Pete Miller, “A classic example is…preventing trees from being cut down: Trees sequester carbon on their wood; and the more trees we have, the faster they grow, the longer they grow, the more carbon they’re going to sequester from the atmosphere and reduce the impact of climate change.” He conveyed in an interview with Mic.



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