Climate change, the hottest topic of the generation is just rising and rising every day. The factors which mainly responsible for the change in the climate of the earth is mainly the emission of the greenhouse gasses. Because of the emission of the greenhouse gasses, the atmosphere is chocking down which is resulting in the rise of the temperature and also the rise of the health issues among the adults and the young children. Students and people from over 130 countries are protesting against the gas emission of the greenhouse gasses which includes 2,300 schools.

The students are demanding a political action since Friday as they have been protesting outside the Parliament and the government offices. Youth is the power today and they have been proving it again and again by taking such major steps for the society and their own planet as seen in the previous strikes conducted by the youth, they have successfully shamed away the government for taking the actions regarding the climate change. According to some activists, this strike can prove to be the largest demonstration for environmental action ever in history. Looking at the demands, students and the protestors are asking to cut the greenhouse gas emissions so the officials can keep a check on the warming of the planet along with the budget and legal authorities to help them.

For example, in Australia students are demanding the government to end up each and every new mining and provide the country with renewable energy by 2030. The strike led to the resignation of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May and things are getting back on track after Narendra Modi’s election win in India. The movement was started by a 16-year-old Greta Thunberg who started skipping her school to protest outside Sweden’s parliament to reduce the greenhouse gas emission.



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