flat earth, flat earth society, flat earthers, flat earth theory

There is no doubt that you haven’t ever encountered a Facebook community of Flat Earthers People. The stats of their increase in size in such an advanced era of human civilization are shocking. Searches for “Flat Earth” in Google have tripled in the past two years. And their confident scientific researchers can baffle you like nothing else can. Some of their scholars calculated that our Sun is not 93 million miles away from Earth but is enclosed in our atmospheric “dome” and is only around 3,000 miles up with a diameter of 32 miles, and, is ever since, making a circular circuit over the surface, shining down like a spotlight as it moves.

Flat Earth, flat earth society, flat earthers, flat earth theory

Walking on the planet’s surface looks and feels to be flat, so they deem all evidence to the opposite, such as the satellite images of Earth as a sphere, to be photoshopped of a “round Earth conspiracy” made by NASA and other government agencies.

The leading flat-earther theory stats that Earth is a disc on which the Arctic Circle is in the center and Antarctica, which is a 150-foot-tall wall of ice, is around the rim. NASA employees, they say, safeguard this ice wall to prevent general people from accessing their lies or climbing over and falling off the disc.

To many, a round earth is a scientific assured assertion, a fundamental understanding of the world instructed to us at an early age. The Flat Earth model has for quite some time been expelled, as early as the era of Aristotle. Yet, in 1956, in the midst of the Space Race between the US and the USSR, the Flat Earth society was established by a doubter from England.

With the support of several Celebrities, the Flat Earth theory has re-entered general society, somewhere in the range of 2500 years after it was first expelled by the old Athenians.

Certainly, Singer B.o.B has turned into a dynamic defender of the movement, even beginning a ‘GoFundMe’ page for buying ‘Weather’ balloons for Flat Earth experimentation.

Have a look to their assertions. Earth’s day and night cycle is clarified by placing that the sun and moon are circles estimating 32 miles (51 kilometers) that move in circles 3,000 miles (4,828 km) over the plane of the Earth. whereas, Stars move in a plane 3,100 miles up. Like spotlights, these divine circles light up various segments of the planet in a 24-hour cycle.

Flat Earthers accept there must likewise be an invisible “Antimoon” that darkens the moon during lunar eclipses. And in case of the sun, they state that since fire cannot burn without the presence of oxygen, as in the vacuum of space, is proof that the sun hangs up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Furthermore, Britain’s First Flat Earth Conference is going to be held on this end of the week. On these committed gatherings, Flat-Earthers straightforwardly examine parts of Flat Earth hypothesis, for example, the absence of obvious bend of the earth, or a “Flat Earth” map, resembling the United Nations logo with Antarctica encompassing the Earth on its edges.


Moreover, Earth’s gravity is an illusion, as per they say. Items don’t accelerate downwards; rather, the disc of Earth accelerates upward at 32 feet for each second squared, which is 9.8 meters per second squared, driven up by a secretive power called Dark Energy.

At that point, there’s the conspiracy theory: Flat-earthers solely believe photographs of the globe are photoshopped; GPS gadgets are fixed to make plane pilots think they are flying in straight lines around a circle when they are really flying in straight lines over a plate. The intention in world governments’ camouflage of the genuine state of the Earth has not been learned, but rather Flat Earthers trust it is likely to be budgetary.

“More or less, it would intelligently cost considerably less to fake a space program than to really have one, so those in on the Conspiracy benefit from the subsidizing NASA and other space agencies get from the government,” the Flat Earther site’s FAQ page clarifies.

Flat Earthers often call out NASA, blaming it for utilizing CGI and faking most, if not all, of its missions like the moon landing. As it were, this profound situated doubt of all governmental movement is the thing that ties these Conspiracy theories together.

Although, Flat Earth theory calls for the rejection of many fundamental scientific principles such as gravity and Solar System, the more seasoned Flat-Earthers make their experiments available online, often taking the support of scientific principles that could, anyhow, bolster their theory.

If we talk about their social platform’s status, 15% of people who identify themselves as Flat Earthers on Twitter are categorized as either a Scientist or Researcher. On top of that, over 4% identify themselves as a teacher or lecturer.

Flat Earthers are not always unrecognized. Sometimes they’re even ‘verified’ on Twitter.

flat earth, flat earthers, flat earth society, flat earth theory

Don’t underestimate their size and level of dedication on social media. The facebook groups we witnessed have 50-60 thousand members on an average. Where Flat-Earthers are eagerly waiting to share their opinions. There you can find numerous links to Websites that display Flat Earth Theory and a host of YouTube channels that broadcast their logic and beliefs.

“Being a member of flat-earth society is putting away the bullshit we were taught in schools and going against popular opinion,” one Flat-Earther wrote on his Facebook timeline. “Not conforming to the previously approved paradigm that we are force-to believe.”

There are an plenty of reasons why individuals cling to the Flat Earth Theory. For a few, it’s a matter of religion. One Poster shared a photo citing 200 verses from the Bible supporting the Flat Earth model and hypothesis. Many posts due to non-visibility of curvature from the human-eye,  from looking out into the far-off horizon over the beach.

Without a doubt, I have never been in outer space to eyeball the globe for myself, however, the globe at school appeared well and made good sense to all of us. There are some who trust the movie ‘The Matrix’ is genuine and we are only computer created avatars. The fact is undigestible that its 21st century and we all are living among such intelligent group of people.


  1. Flat earth is not theory, but fact! Ball earth, gravity and bendy water that sticks to the exterior of a shape are theories! Magical nonsensical unicorn rainbow ridiculous cartoon theories!

  2. When someone posts a ‘Flat Earth’ comment, it’s difficult to tell if it’s sarcasm or for real. Even when they start to argue it’s not obvious, as the defence becomes more and more comical. I’d like to see a survey as to whether they are all Trump supporters.

    • I think these people come from a more deep issue than republican or democrat. I think they come from a serious lack of education and understanding about the world around them. I would like to hear how they explain the pendulum and Galileo’s experiments with the pendulum. This stuff is so funny. It shows how far down our civilization has gone in terms of education and wisdom.

    • Great observation! This is what we get for supporting the scum who celebrate ignorance and attack education and learning only so they can deliver even MORE loot to the rich.

  3. What a complete bunch of idiots these flat Earthers are. The moon is a sphere, so is the sun and all the planets but these morons can’t quite handle reality because their minds think the universe is some kind of cartoon.

    I can’t wait until they all die off, the planet’s IQ will raise significantly when they do.

  4. Reminds me of “The Colour of Magic” movie I just watched to find the sex of the Turtle with 4 Elephants on top of him holding up the flat world and keep a tourist from dying and help him have a good time. Personally I am saving The Hogfather for Christmas on Amazon Prime

  5. I still don’t understand to what end are we all being lied to.

    Can any ‘Flat-Earther’ explain answer these questions:

    1) When was it discovered the Earth was flat or why were we lied to about the Earth being a globe?
    2) How is this being kept a secret? We have 10,000’s of scientists building things who are either all in on the lie or they build things based on our understanding and then the Government recalculates everything so they never know they are wrong. As an example, a satellite is designed and developed to orbit a sphere. Before it is launched, is there a heap of government scientist who re-calibrate everything so it can function on a flat earth? Additionally, 10,000’s of pilots are lying to their families and friends everyday of the week. Surely these people understand how hard it is to keep a secret when more than a couple of people know, how can this be kept a secret?
    3) What would it take to prove the planet is a globe?

    I think we should crowd fund maybe 50 randomly chosen flat earthers to be split 25 into space and 25 to cross Antarctica. Maybe that would solve the problem. Of course there would have to be a penalty for being so stupid otherwise heaps of people would try to get the free space flight. So, 2,000 hours of community service for each person proved wrong. Win win for everyone and this stupidity could finally be put to rest.

  6. I have been compiling a list of flatearth believers names for a huge sales drive I am planning. I have hens teeth, rocking horse sh!t, Unicorns and blocks or land on Mars for sale. I am going to be rich, these guys will believe anything.

  7. Funny thing is: Flat-Earthers could just look out of the plane’s window as they travel to Britain and see the curvature of the earth!

    Plus, explain to me, Flat-Earthers, how the heck would someone be able to stand at the South Pole, then, if the world was flat? Amundsen and Scott were there in person and Admiral Byrd flew over it – all would be impossible if Antarctica was a ring of ice around the ocean. Plus, the Amundsen & Scott base there wouldn’t exist nor does the 50-200 people stationed there.

    Maybe these people need to get launched in space so that they can see that the earth is indeed a sphere and “accidently” miss the target and send them into interstellar space so they can see that space also exists well past the earth!

  8. I think that the Earth not necessarily flat, but its the flat Earth believers that have flat heads. You see, if you’re head is flat, your perception of the nature of Earth would be different from sphereists.

  9. Ok, why are we worrying about it. Is flat earth or round paying any bill. Is it going to get world peace. At end of the day who cares. Its not putting food on the table and its not going to work for me. I’m not going to space or to another planet. What do I give an f….

  10. Ok, why are we worrying about it. Is flat earth or round paying any bill. Is it going to get world peace. At end of the day who cares. Its not putting food on the table and its not going to work for me. I’m not going to space or to another planet. What do I give an f….

  11. One more thing if humans being would spend more time worrying about what is going on on this planet. Things on this planet would be a better place.

    We worrying so much about crap that we have no control of then wonder why stupid crap happens to us. At end of day only less than 1% will visit space and im not interested in space. Majority of humans are living from pay check to pay check. So they don’t care either about space.

  12. this article is litterally false, taking flat earth society controlled oposition information to discredit the reality of flat earth with falsities. “dark energy” “accelerating upwards at 9.8” LUL wrong. we dont move, we are stationary.


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