Some habit of humans affected by Neanderthal DNA; report informs

After some extensive research the, the scientists have able to find out the link of Neanderthals DNA with modern humans activities. The study revealed that somehow the DNA had affected some human’s behavior like depression, smoking, sleeping and much more.

The study has proved that Neanderthals were Homo sapiens and some different species. The overlapped existence period might be the reason behind the interbreeding. It was confirmed through a report made by the National Geographic in 2010.

The new study on Neanderthals DNA was conducted by Janet Kelso and Michael Danneman from the MAX Planck Institute for the Evolutionary Anthropology. The final report by these two scientists has published in the American Journal of Human Genetic. The report shows that there are many similarities between Neanderthal’s DNA and modern human’s DNA.

According to the genome cluster, around 1.8 to 2.6 percent DNA of Neanderthals were carried by today’s non-African people. Previously it was estimated as 1.5 to 2.1 percent.

As per the sources, the new genomes patterns were detected in Croatia’s Vindija Cave and Mezmaiskaya Cave situated in the Republic of Adygea.

According to Kay Prufer, the co-author of this research, Vindija 33.19 have some close relation with the Neanderthals. The new Sequenced DNA that has found from those two caves has also revealed about some diseases like LDL Cholesterol levels, schizophrenia, and some more diseases.

The researchers obtained the data from a 52, 000-year-old female Neanderthals bone fragmentation. The specimen was discovered in Vindija Cave located in Croatia. After this findings researchers able to get billions of samples of DNA. As per the data collected from different sources, Neanderthals used to stay in small groups consisted with 3000 Neanderthal

Modern human’s health condition has dramatically influenced by the DNA of Neanderthal. In their conclusion report, the researchers stated that the massive interbreeding in the Neanderthal is the reason behind the various health issues in the modern humans.

It is expected that the current learning will help the scientists to find out significant cures to some diseases.


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