Bill Gates, Flu Vaccine

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, they both are one of the richest personalities in the world with a golden heart. They are involved in many charitable activities and works to improve and uplift the society. In 2000 they started Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They continuously work for the enhancement of health worldwide.

There is a season of flu all over world and large population is getting affected by the viruses. CDC told that over 160 people died through flu in October 2017 and many hospitalizations are done with flu symptoms. Gates informed people through Quartz “Given the continued emergence of new pathogens, the increasing risk of bioterrorism attacks, and how our world is linked by air travel, we are likely to have large-scale and fatal modern influenza pandemics in our lifetime.”. It is true that mostly people gets infected by viruses present  in air. Many unknown pathogens roams in atmosphere which may cause a greater pandemic.

Bill Gates, Flu Vaccine

So, to conquer the problems and showing concern, Bill Gates showed interest in sponsoring the discovery of Universal Flu Vaccine. At a recent meeting on 27th April at Boston Harbour Hotel and World Trade Center, Gates focused on the methods of protection from flu and developing more efficient ways to avoid the viruses from entering our body.

Important points that were discussed

  • Bill and Melinda Gates promised to grant $12 Million for the discovery of Universal Flu Vaccine.
  • Bill Gates emphasized on the need of the hour to avoid global pandemic
  • In the U.S. approx 160 children died because of flu last year

Half of the funding that will be contributed to the medicine will come from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and half of it will come from Larry Page, who is the co-founder of Google. Microsoft developers said that it is a “big challenge” to promote the international vaccine for influenza.

The funds will be released as grants from $250000 to $12 Million.  “This $12 million is not the end of the game.” Gates told the media. $2 Million will be issued for the preliminary projects and once they will show the proper results and application then more funds can be transferred. Harvard representatives have been told ”Our goal is to encourage the world’s best scientists, including those in emerging fields, to think boldly,” by Bill Gates.

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