October 15 as the Erath’s Doomsday; said Conspiracy Theorists

Till now the planet earth has been faced many natural disasters. Many scientists have been predicted different things about the earth’s doomsday for many years. In 2017, some conspiracy theorists also have predicted many dates as the doomsday date. Earlier in this year, some theorists informed that the doomsday of earth would begin from September as the planet Nibiru was moving towards the Earth and its collision will bring massive destruction for planet earth.

Now, a new date has given by the conspiracy theorists reading Erath’s doomsday. As per the latest information, on 15th October 2017, the doomsday process will begin. Sources said the Earth would face seven years of natural calamities before it gets destroyed. The planet Nibiru will be the actual reason behind this massive destruction as it will cause many natural disasters like cyclones, volcanic eruptions and many mores.

The process had started on 21st August when the American Solar eclipse took place, and from that day continued operation of this has been formed, theorists added. They further said that recent incidents like Mexico’s earthquake, Texas’s floods, and the Caribbean’s hurricanes were all somehow have linked with the Planet X or the Nibiru theory. On 25th October the mysterious planet Nibiru will cross earth.

The theorists also mentioned that all these dates had been written in the Holy Bible. The time when the hurricane destroyed Texas also written in the Bible. In that seven years, an asteroid knows as wormwood having 3 kilometers diameter which is attached to Planet X system may hit Earth. On the other side, the leading space agency NASA termed all these information as an Internet hoax and informed people there is no need to panic about Earth’s doomsday.

The planet Nibiru also termed as the dying planet. All this information has given by the author of Planet X: The 2017 arrival. As per the sources, the nuclear exchange between the US, Russia, Iran and North Korea will be the part of this seven-year tribulation.

Many think that this will happen on the said date while some scientists had not taken the date seriously.

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