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It is the most popular lottery in the U.S. and many other parts of the world.  It is an American Lottery which is coordinated by Multi-State Lottery Association when there an agreement was signed with US lotteries. Powerball is the US drawing game with the highest prize potential.

Powerball Numbers, Check Results 05 December 2018

9 11 36 38 and Powerball- 11

Megaplier- 5x

In case you missed last Powerball drawings results

November 28, 2018

04 19 59 68 69 Powerball 21
Powerball Lottery 

Powerball Lottery is played in 44 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands

Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. ET. All the latest results are updated here.

Sales cut-off times vary by one to two hours before the drawing, depending on the selling jurisdiction.

Prize Money of Powerball lottery

Here we are providing the proper distribution of money which can be won in the Powerball game.

Powerball, Powerball results, US powerball winning numbers

Cost of Powerball Lottery Play

Powerball® costs $2 per play.

Select five numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls; then select one number from 1 to 26 for the red Powerball.

Choose your numbers on a play slip or let the lottery terminal randomly pick your numbers.

Jackpots start at $40 million and grow from there!

Players win a prize by matching one of the 9 Ways to Win.

Powerball’s Powerplay

Ask for Power Play® with your Powerball purchase!

For an additional $1 per play, the Power Play feature can multiply non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times!

The multiplier number is randomly selected just before each drawing.

The 10X multiplier is only in play when the advertised jackpot annuity is $150 million or less.

The Match 5 prize with Power Play is always $2 million.

Powerball’s starting jackpot is of $40 million and that itself is a huge amount. Once a person wins the jackpot then they have the choice their prize claiming method. They can either choose to have their prize as an annuity or a lump-sum payment.

When the winner chooses the annuity option then the winner is said to have guaranteed 30 payments in 29 years and annual payments also increase by 5% till the 30th payment done.

If the winner chooses to take lump-sum amount then he/she will get less amount as described in the jackpot.



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