New findings show that the star-like object visible in the Big Dipper is actually an invading alien. According to the research, the chemical fingerprints prove that it is not a star but intergalactic alien. It was found out when the unusual chemicals were found out instead of those chemicals which are found in stars in the Milky Way or in the other dwarf galaxies.

Image Source: Takayuki Saito/Takaaki Takeda/Sorahiko Nukatani/4D2U Project, NAOJ

Researchers have been calling the unusual star ‘J1124+4535’. It was born in the near dwarf galaxy which entered into the Milky Way a long time ago. The star first came into notice in the year 2015 with the help of Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) in China. Clearer images came out in 2017 by the Subaru Telescope in Japan, the scientists reported April 29 in the journal Nature Astronomy.

After the study, the scientists found out that the star was less in metals like magnesium but at the same time, it had a big amount of heavy element europium; an element ratio that was unique in comparison to other Milky Way stars. The scientists reported that the Milky Way was born after the collision of smaller galaxies and the stars like J1124+4535 is just one other star which orbits our Milky Way Galaxy. The analytics show that J1124+4535 has “the clearest chemical signature” till now if compared to the other stars from different dwarf galaxies which helped the Milky Way to come to its shape.

The group of dwarf galaxies and stars due to which the Milky Way galaxy was formed as a result of the big bang between the dwarf galaxy about 10 billion years ago. Which blew the core of the Milky Way with billions of new stars including the oldest stars present till now. The closest collision between our galaxy and the other galaxy is scheduled for like 2 billion years and it is supposed to collide with the Large Magellanic Cloud.


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