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Famous YouTube channel ‘Secureteam10’, that regularly posts videos about UFO sightings and alien discoveries has uploaded a baffling video spotting a triangular shaped unidentified flying object moving through a lightning bolt. The triangular fashioned object is seen flying through the lightning as if it is wheeling in its desired path. It’s astonishing to see because the alleged alien spacecraft or call it the unidentified flying object, is following the path of lighting with quite ease. Conspiracy theorists say that it cannot be a human spacecraft as the object traveled through lightning, which human-made spacecraft are not capable of and only extraterrestrial life source could have probably made such flying object.

The Youtuber asserts that either the extraterrestrial life was using the lightning bolt as its path or the alien’s unidentified flying object came in contact with the lightning bolt to harvest the energy using their advanced techniques. The conspiracy theorist also declared that the sighting was taken from a central European country, without clearly telling the name.

Soon after the video was uploaded by Secureteam10, it went viral on the social media platforms and received thousands of likes, opinions, and shares. The video collected more than 225,000 views on Youtube in less than 24 hours.

Look for Alien life has picked up momentum as of late and space organizations are striving to discover the evidence of extraterrestrial life and Unidentified flying objects (UFO). Then, a group of researchers from the Plymouth University trusts that we should take help of artificial intelligence to locate the alien life. As indicated by analysts, manmade brainpower has seen rapid advancements and it can help us in predicting the likelihood of extraterrestrial life on other planets.

Ufologists guarantee that there is a high likelihood to spot UFOs during showers and thunderstorms. Already, specialists have over and again contended that the UFOs are energized from lightning bolt’s energy, and in this manner frequently fly in the sky in the rain.

For the investigation, researchers have used artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks (ANNs) to categorize planets into five kinds, in light of the possibility of supporting extraterrestrial life. In view of these groups, researchers will additionally direct interstellar missions to locate the alien life and unidentified flying objects related to them.

Principal investigation author Mr. Christopher Bishop demonstrates that planets in all the five groups have an environment and possibility of sustaining extraterrestrial life. Some planets are very much matching to today’s earth and are present in the Goldilocks zone while some planets are more similar to Mars and Venus.

“Today we have an amazing new capture … yet another one of these objects either struck by, caught within or siphoning energy from another one of these lightning bolts snapped just at the right time as it was coming down over the Czech Republic,” claimed narrator Tyler Glockner.

In this particular video, the conspiracy theory channel likewise presented a few different photographs where unidentified flying objects were spotted amid the seasons of lightning. In one of the photographs revealed, we can see in excess of four UFOs showed up in an arrangement in the skies during numerous lightning bolts.

Extraterrestrial Life’s findings and UFO sightings have recently taken place with various bits of gossip adding spices in it. Not very far in the past, the same YouTube channel revealed another ‘UFO’ sighting caught from a photo taken from Google Earth map of South Georgia Island. The picture allegedly demonstrated the remaining parts of an Unidentified Flying Object that crashed to Earth on a side of a mountain and slid a long distance over the ice.

As the video by Secureteam10 went viral around the web, watchers began advancing different hypotheses clarifying these strange UFO sightings.

“I’m totally shocked at that! To see a ship within the lighting is crazy!!” commented high1voltage1rules, a YouTube video watcher. Another YouTube user named ‘One of Five’ commented that these alien flying objects are charging their drained batteries from the lightning bolt.

“It makes sense… UFO’s are often seen around power-lines, power-plants, and other sources of power. I’ve personally seen strange craft near power-lines several times,” commented another YouTube user Cryptic Creations.

Mr. Bishop says, “We’re currently interested in these ANNs for prioritizing exploration for a hypothetical, intelligent, interstellar spacecraft scanning an exoplanet system at a range.”

He further adds to his statement, “We’re also looking at the use of a large area, deployable, planar Fresnel antennas to get data back to Earth from an interstellar probe at large distances. This would be needed if the technology is used in robotic spacecraft in the future.”

This is not for the very first time that Unidentified Flying Objects have been spotted in lightning bolts. Last year in December, conspiracy theory channel ‘UFOToday’ uploaded a video which shows four UFOs flying towards the thundercloud in some very weird way. Well, the recent video uploaded by Secureteam10 suggests that there was an Alien UFO that might be harnessing energy from the lightning bolts using their advanced techniques. Or the unidentified flying object came in contact with the lightning bolt to navigate their way back to the so-called Extraterrestrial life.


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