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In the search of alien life forms, Michael Hippke, an astrophysicist from the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany, came up with a remarkable hypothesis, indicating that aliens, probably exist, yet may not be able to leave their homeland because of the planet’s strong gravity. His opinion, however, refers to huge exoplanets also called Super-Earth.

Dr. Hippke – whose approach is based on the opinion that the aliens would have to live on an Earth-like planet said: “On more-massive planets, spaceflight would be way higher in costs of production. Such civilizations would not possess satellite TV, a sort of moon mission or a Hubble Space Telescope.”

These exoplanets are very rigid planets with a considerably greater mass than the one of the Earth, and that could mean a denser and thicker air which would be capable of holding and sustaining life on the planet.

In his new research, Michael Hippke estimated the probable acceleration an alien ship would have to reach in order to defeat the great gravitational force of a Super-Earth planet or another world with even a larger mass. “On huge planets, space flight would be exponentially more expensive,” Michael Hippke said.

If they would use a common rocket, launched with fuel, Hippke’s measures indicate that it will be impracticable for extraterrestrials to leave their planet of origin. Michael Hippke also said that for the aliens to dispatch a mission alike to our Apollo one, the ET’s spacecraft would burn somewhere more than 400,000 tons of combustible, which would be roughly equal to the Great Pyramid’s volume.

Due to the difficulties presented above, Michael Hippke estimated that deploying rockets powered by fuel would be, therefore, potential but totally inefficient in terms of costs and resources. Whereas, if a triumphant launch would happen, classic combustible wouldn’t help aliens reach too far, as it is the case with humans, also.

Since we’re speaking about aliens living since the commencement of their history on a very massive Super-Earth with a powerful gravitational force, could be plausible that they’ve already produced a different system of propulsion. However, until will be proven otherwise, Michael Hippke’s opinion remains one good explanation of the reason why humans have not met with extraterrestrials so far.


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