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Do you ever wonder what was the reason behind the success of the Apollo mission which was conducted 50 years ago by NASA? Well, here is your catch. As we all know that the Apollo 11 mission to the moon was a great success in the history of space and science. The mission was completed on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the first man to set his foot on the surface of the moon. Though NASA still has details about the mission in the form of recordings and paperwork which is now converted into the form of a digital database. NASA is using that information and data for their next mission to the Moon which is scheduled for the year 2024.

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When the humans reached the lunar for the first time, each and every eye on the Earth was set on their TVs before Armstrong set his first step on the moon and he conveyed his speech which is one of the jewels America has today- known as “one small step”. The main motive of the mission to the moon was to defeat the Soviet Union in the Space Race. The ex-boss of the Apollo named Christopher Kraft said that there is one secret about the Apollo 11 mission that everyone is unaware of. Talking about Mr. Kraft, he was the lead flight director of the first ever Apollo mission. The Apollo 1 was scheduled for its low-Earth orbit test in early 1967. Unfortunately, due to a glitch in the spacecraft, the mission was unsuccessful and three crew members died in that accident. When Altitude Film decided to release the movie “Armstrong“, the former boss claimed how things went down and how things were hidden under political pressure so that America can beat the Soviet Union.

Mr. Kraft said, “It was terrible, I could hear all three of their voices, they didn’t last very long either, about 10 or 15 seconds. The management was running, running to get to the Moon and I think they were willing to take chances. I think had they been thinking properly they wouldn’t have taken them.” Mr. Kraft also explained how the failure of the first Apollo mission affected the other missions. On the other hand, the incident gave NASA a chance to learn from the incident and a chance to prevent such mishappenings in their future missions. He said, “It took the fire to rebuild the vehicle. And I think that was the secret to Apollo. Without it, it just wouldn’t have happened, I don’t think we would have gotten to the Moon.” The movie “Armstrong” featured all his memories which were conveyed by Harrison Ford in the movie, which will show people how the tragedy affected Armstrong. He says, “Some very traumatic times, I think you’re more likely to accept the loss of a friend in flight. It was really hard to lose them in a ground test. That was an inditement of ourselves.”

Mr. Kraft also claimed that he was the main reason behind Armstrong’s first step on the moon as he conveyed, “Did I have anything to do with Neil being the first man on the Moon? Yes. I did it. Deke Slayton said ‘Aldrin will be the first guy on the Moon’ but up here [in my head] said ‘we don’t want Aldrin on the Moon. I just felt like Buzz was not the right personality and would not be the best representative for the United States. I thought Neil would do better. I didn’t dislike Aldrin, didn’t like him either, we all have weaknesses, I didn’t know Jesus when I met him though. “Armstrong” is directed by David Fairhead and the movie is going to release in UK and Irish on July 12 and the movie made with the full support of Armstrong family after the legend died in 2012. The movie also features the unseen footage of Armstrong’s life and his own interviews with his wife and two sons.


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