NASA recently shared some amazing pictures of the ISS showing the darkness and daylight on planet Earth. The pictures were taken from International Space Station which showed how amazing it was to fly by between the darkness and daylight of Earth. Christina Koch who is the member of the expedition 59 shared the picture on Twitter on May 20. She clicked the picture from one of the windows of the ISS. The picture also showed the orbiting complex’s solar arrays.

Image Source: NASA

The view was just magical and it was amazing to see how the light was taking over the darkness as clouds streak above the surface of the Earth. Koch shared the picture and captioned it, “A couple of times a year, the Space Station orbit happens to align over the day/night shadow line on Earth. We are continuously in sunlight, never passing into Earth’s shadow from the sun, and the Earth below us is always in dawn or dusk. A beautiful time to cloud watch.” Koch also used a hashtag which said #nofilter which proves that there were no filters used in the picture before posting and the picture is totally original.

In the reply of the picture, retired NASA astronaut Miek Fossum said, “This was my least favorite time on orbit because our view of my favorite planet was at its worst — always distorted by low angles of light. Couldn’t wait for clear days and clear nights to capture images! But enjoy your journey through the Shadowlands!” Koch has a whole year on ISS and she will be the first American to complete her second-longest flight in the space. She even sent greetings to NOAA where she used to work as she showed her gratitude and expressed her love to the agency. Koch said, “From here we have an amazing view of our home planet, Earth. Looking outside the window of the ISS is a humbling and inspiring experience. It really brings into focus how important it is that we treasure this planet that we have.”


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