Climate change and other several human prepared calamities have changed the whole world entirely. Where these calamities are affecting the human, they are also affecting the other species too. Recent studies found out that most of the species of bees are on a verge of extinction as in many parts of UK and some of the species have gone extinct. According to the analysis performed by scientists showed that around 228 species of pollinators are in danger because the human prepared calamities like habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and different diseases. A report which was published on World Bee Day by WWF and Buglife as they shared some precautions which will help to conserve the pollinating species.


⦁ Make sure the promotion of the management of the sea walls and strategies to manage the coastal habitats.
⦁ Promote beneficial management by giving protection to the wildlife-rich areas.
⦁ Address the landowners and spread awareness regarding the extinction of the wildlife and support the coordination between landowners and landholdings.
⦁ Contact local authorities which can help and work in saving the species and support local communities in urban areas.
⦁ Keep performing surveys and keep monitoring the bee population.
⦁ Always make sure to maintain healthy awareness with the locals and take care of the funding for executing different projects.

The European Union came to an agreement on putting a ban on neonicotinoids as it is the most commonly used insecticide used in the fields to resist the bees and kill them which resulted brutally. Tanya Steele who is the chief executive at WFF conveyed, “The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, and the fact that our precious pollinators are in peril is a sad illustration of the dramatic decline in wildlife we’re seeing all around us. We desperately need targeted action if we’re going to bring under-pressure wildlife back from the brink. The Environment Act gives us a golden opportunity to restore our natural world – we need to ensure it’s ambitious enough to do that.”


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