The richest man in the world ‘Jeff Bezos’ announced a new rocket with the name Blue Moon lander which is built by his own private company Blue Origin. Bezos claims that he will give opportunities to the people to visit the moon by paying his company. Adventurous isn’t it? Bezos says that he wants to contribute to the idea of people living and working in space. Bezos revealed his lander on May 9 with the name Blue Moon Lander which is designed to send loads to the moon.

Image Source: BLUE ORIGIN

The owner of Amazon was always interested in space since his young age and never shared about his company Blue Origin as he said,  “it’s the most important work I’m doing.” Bezos also owns the Washington Post which is one of the leading news providers in the whole world. The company Blue Origin was found back in 2000 on date 8 of the month of September in Washington. Blue Origin’s launch site is situated in West Texas as it was made in 2015 and has leased Launch Complex 36 in Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Blue Origin has spent over $205 million as it owns 750,000-square-foot of the manufacturing facility which is situated in Merritt Island, Florida and is now planning to develop its additional facility of 90 acres at the Kennedy Space Center. According to, the company is planning to build a $200 million factory in Huntsville, Alaska. According to the news, Blue Origin is planning to launch its first rocket that will take its first passenger this year which is named New Shepard and another rocket New Glenn which is going to be an orbital rocket which is expected to launch in 2021. Bezos invested more the half a million dollar in 2014 and in 2017, he sold $1 billion of Amazon stock per year to the finance company. He also conveyed that he is going to fund more than $1 billion in October 2018 on Blue Origin in 2019.


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