Last year, scientists for the first time had managed to discovered an explosion of gravitational waves and very small ripples in the material of space. It was believed that a super-powerful collision between two neutron and stars had produced those powerful gravitational waves. Well, after that scientists wanted astronomers to detect any radiation coming from the powerful explosion. Then they conducted some extensive study on this and they detected burst in a galaxy named NGC 4993. To detect that the scientists used some advanced telescopes located in Chile. Around 70 observatories generated data which later confirmed the original findings.

After the study, scientists have given an interesting fact about the source of gold on Earth. They informed that the collisions between neutron stars are the reason behind the development of gold and other precious metals. Stating more about it Kate Maguire of Queen’s University Belfast, one of more than 3,000 researchers who took part in the project stated, “It was so exciting, the way we got the alert and found the light source corresponding to the gravitational waves.”

When the scientists analyzed different wavelengths of the spectrum they found some chemical emitting the light. That helped them to confirm that that debris erupted from the stellar collision carried gold. The neutron stars carry the amount of matter which is equal to matter that the sun compressed into a sphere just 10km in diameter. When those neutron stars collided with each other, the explosion fling much-radiating debris into space with a speed at 300m kph which is one-third of the speed of light. Well, as that debris was traveling at such great speed, it was very difficult to detect single elements. But, the gold was there. Professor Andrew Levan from Warwick University stated, “We estimate that the collision created a huge amount of gold which will be similar to the mass of the Earth.”

Professor Stephen Smartt stated, “ When the spectrum appeared on the screens, the team realized that was the most strange flash ever discovered in the sky.” However, the collisions of neutron star normally happen once every 10,000 years and it takes place in the Milky Way galaxy. But, a supernova occurs once in every 100 years. Supernova carries the exact condition which can reprocess nucleosynthesis which is the primary source of gold and other elements.

NASA is now preparing to initiate a new observing run which will be started in autumn 2018. It expected that it will help the scientists to detect gravitational waves and more neutron star collisions.


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