Dimming the sun, Global warming
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This world is really doing progress in a fast pace but doing something which is harming the environment. Using resources unjudiciously and blindly is degrading our environment and leading to the decreased health factor also. Global warming is also increasing and became one of the biggest threats of the world.

Scientists say that Dimming the sun is the solution. But we are going to tell in detail that what should happen and what is feasible. Let us know Global Warming better. Global warming is a long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system, an aspect of climate change shown by temperature measurements and by multiple effects of the warming. When humans are continuing to use the fossil fuels in excessive quantities and the CFCs released by the Air conditioners and refrigerators releases out, contributes to the main causes of global warming.

Dimming the sun, Global warming
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These CFCs goes up and creates a hole in the ozone layer. Ozone layer is responsible for the filtering of Sunlight which is falling on the earth. Ozone is basically a shield which does not let harmful light to come on earth. These vehicle’s Carbon dioxide emission and harmful carbon release from the fossil fuels makes the environment warm than usual and the heat rises up in the environment. This is considered as the biggest threats that if the warming continues to happen then the glaciers will melt and whole earth will have water only and eventually, it will lead to the doomsday.

Scientists first asked to lower down the emissions of carbon or the judicious use of the fossil fuels and to start plantation drives but nothing is happening and global warming continues to increase. Researchers say that if world cannot change and try to reduce the Carbon dioxide emission then we have to see and tackle the situation from the other end.

The researchers recently published a study which says that spraying large amounts of sulfate particles into the Earth’s lower stratosphere in order to literally dim out the sun could cut the effects of global climate change in half, and it might even be cheap!

However, it seems to be a nice idea but it is having no guarantee that this is going to actually work or not. This can make things more worse in a catastrophic sort of way also. But if dimming the sun will lead to decrease in global warming but there are also other things which depend on the sun like photosynthesis and how plants are going to make food, and not freezing to the death.

Instead, the study published in Environmental Research Letters discusses the potential costs and necessary technology to realize the ambitious, if not hubristic, plan. The researchers discuss a variety of potential ways to accomplish the large-scale ‘geoengineering’ project: planes, balloons, or even just shooting chemicals in the air with large guns.

Another serious issue which arises that no aircraft is present currently which is able to perform this task. Adapting an existing version of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket has been ruled out, citing the cost.

If the program is launched then the intial costing will include around $3.5 billion and it will run till 15 years after installation but additional $2.5 billion are required for the running period costing.

This plan is covering the world so it needs consent of the different countries like United States whose president doubts about climate change in general.

Dr Phil Williamson, an Honorary Reader at University of East Anglia, critiqued the proposal, saying that nations which “continued to experience extreme climate events” might then “consider that solar geoengineering had been responsible” and would need to be compensated. In other words, cutting the earth off from the heavens might be a real liability issue.


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