Elon musk, SpaceX, Accelerating development of Starship
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Elon Musk always comes up with unique ideas and comes under the list of top 10 influential people in the world. He is handling biggest car company Tesla as well as most controversial Space X company.

Space X was recently working on the Big Falcon Rocket known as BFR. But now its name has been changed to Starship. It will be the biggest rocket in its arsenal. If the project becomes successful then the path for the space tourism will be cleared. The space tourism is also one of the Elon Musk’s iconic ideas. About Starship, Elon Musk tweeted that it’ll take people anywhere on Earth in less than an hour and allow humans to establish a Martian colony. In short, it’s supposed to flip the aerospace game on its head but it’s still got a long way to go before that comes true.

Starship is getting assembled in a shipyard in Los Angeles, Terminal Island. Musk has recently stated he is “accelerating” to try and meet get the booster airborne as early as 2022.

Space X is trying to get a license in order to test the Heavy spaceship, Starship( BFR). There are two tests scheduled, one is low altitude tests and other is higher altitude tests. Low altitude tests will be testing the Starship below 500 meters in altitude. Higher altitude tests can go as high as 5 km and will be tested for one time in a week.

According to the news, the SpaceX is going to make some mini BFR to launch on a Falcon 9. Elon Musk also confirmed on twitter that we are going to accelerate BFR.

Elon Musk tweeted Btw, SpaceX is no longer planning to upgrade Falcon 9 second stage for reusability. Accelerating BFR instead. The new design is very exciting! Delightfully counter-intuitive.

SpaceX BFR name changed to Starship

  • The BFR was in so news. Musk recently tweeted that he was renaming the mother of all SpaceX rockets to Starship.
  • This was mandatory as per Elon Musk for the distinction in the launch pad’s second and first stage sections.
  • STARSHIP is an upper stage and the rocket booster is known as Super Heavy

Super Heavy is the booster which will be completed by the 31 Raptor engines and these boosters will be so powerful and can produce the thrust.

As per Elon Musk Super Heavy will be made up for 31 Raptor engines. These boosters will be capable of about twice as much thrust as the Merlin 1D engines that power the Falcon 9. This would allow the rocket to lift “100 metric tons” from Earth to the surface of Mars,

Elon Musk tweeted Btw, SpaceX is no longer planning to upgrade Falcon 9 second stage for reusability. Accelerating BFR instead. New design is very exciting! Delightfully counter-intuitive

Musk stated that he’s aiming to conduct two uncrewed missions to Mars by 2022. This acceleration in development could be an effort to try and meet this ambitious timeline and have Starship take off in four years.

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