Jeff Bezos recently came up with the news about his Blue Origin high-tech lunar lander which he is calling Blue Moon and seems like the CEO and founder of the aerospace company SpaceX Elon Musk is making fun of Blue Moon in his recent tweet. He shared a screenshot of the article by the New York Times in which the word Moon was replaced by Balls and he captioned it “Oh stop teasing, Jeff.”

Image Source: Frederic J. Brown / AFP – Getty Images

Blue Origin’s Blue Moon lander may be gone to the moon, later on, be that as it may, SpaceX has different plans with regards to investigating space: In 2018, Musk examined his arrangements to send people to Mars. Musk additionally tweeted an aesthetic representation of SpaceX’s gleaming Starship on the moon, and in the remarks segment of the Blue Moon tweet, Musk told a Twitter client that the following Starship update will in all probability occur on June 20. The lander is wanted to be fit for conveying 4,500 kg (9,900 lb) to the outside of the Moon.

The payload vehicle could likewise be utilized to help NASA exercises in cis-lunar space. Blue Origin started improvement take a shot at the lander in 2016, openly uncovered the venture in 2017, and divulged a counterfeit up of the Blue Moon lander in May 2019. The Bue Origin is a robotic space arm which is going to be used as a cargo carrier which will deliver heavy machinery to the moon. Designed and operated by Blue Origin for use on the Blue Moon mission aimed for 2024. Design work on the Blue Moon started in 2016. Blue Origin’s leader Rob Myerson said in 2017 that the lender could be propelled with numerous dispatch vehicles including Blue Origin’s New Glenn, or the United Launch Alliance Atlas V, or even be changed to dispatch on NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.


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