There is something more powerful than Nuclear energy. Yes, a recent study has revealed that melting elementary particles such as quarks can produce massive amounts of energy which is equivalent to 10 times the energy produced by nuclear fusion. This breakthrough study has been theoretically confirmed by researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the University of Chicago.

The researchers showed that two bottom quarks could theoretically fuse together in a powerful flash that can result in a massive amount of energy that can spill out into the universe. They informed that this fusion would produce 138 megaelectronvolts (MeV), which is almost eight times more powerful than individual nuclear fusion events inside a hydrogen bomb. But researchers indicated that this kind of quark fusion events could not be used to make a powerful quark bomb.

The researchers noted that they suggest some experimental setups in which the highly exothermic nature of the fusion of two heavy-quark baryons might manifest itself. At present, however, the very short lifetimes of the heavy bottom and charm quarks preclude any practical applications of such reactions. Mark Kelner of TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences said that he and his teammate Prof. Jonathan L. Rosner of the University of Chicago calculated what happens when the type of baryon discovered in the accelerator was created by the fusion of two baryons each containing one ‘charm’ quark. That means, more efficient packaging of quarks in baryons generates energy just as the efficient packaging of protons and neutrons releases energy in regular nuclear fusion.

Karliner informed that although their theoretical confirmation of quark fusion has gathered a considerable amount of interest in the theory, still there is no practical application of the theory. He said that a nuclear fusion that occurs in a reactor or a hydrogen bomb is a chain reaction in a mass of particles, creating a huge amount of energy. This is not possible by melting heavy quarks, simply because the raw material cannot be accumulated in the melting process.


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