For preventing climate change it is important for us to opt for some serious measures which can help us to live peacefully without any problems and one of the rising problems in our world right now is climate change. There are some efforts put on by the organizations to improve the cookstoves but there are regions which do not prefer to buy such things like advanced cookstoves because they can not afford them. The advanced cookstoves are designed so that the use of firewoods and other materials that emit harmful gasses can be reduced and improve air quality.

Image Source: UN

According to a new study conducted by the researchers of Duke University says that if companies adopt some common business tactics like offering low prices and working on the marketing strategies which can attract customers can result in the increase of the purchase of the improved cookstoves by 50 percent in rural India. If we talk about the numbers, there are three billion people who still rely on the old methods of cooking as they use fuels such as wood or coal which emits a lot of carbon monoxide and dioxide in the atmosphere which gets trapped there and also leads to deforestation.

If people start using the improved cookstoves, it can result in the improvement of climate change which will reduce deforestation, carbon emission, and toxic air pollution as such things leads to health issues. Subhrendu Pattanayak, Oak Professor of Environmental and Energy Policy at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy and lead author of the study, conveyed, “Previous studies have found low demand for these cookstoves, however, our study found that when barriers to adopting the stoves were addressed, the demand was high. A big question for policy scientists has been: Can we figure out what technology and energy and environmental services people want, and use that understanding to get people to pay for them? Our study shows that we can.”


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