NASA, InSight Lander , Mars

InSight has been successfully landed on Mars a while ago on 26 Nov. and now it has started explorations and snapping photos of Martian Surface. Till now NASA’s Mars Lander has started taking photos of Martian winds.

InSight captured an image which was having series of 11 photos through IDC (Instrument Deployment Camera) which is attached to the robotic arm of the InSight.

Curiosity rover also started to take selfies like InSight did. The first look was of the probe resting on the Martian surface. InSight has read many articles in order to click perfect pictures like the High angle, great lighting and how to avoid cliche. The second image which came to earth was of the crescent of terrain which NASA workers are saying that InSight will start burrowing the Martian surface. This image is boring as it combines the 52 photos taken of the Elysium Planitia, a region on Mars which is rock free.

“This might seem like a pretty plain piece of ground if it weren’t on Mars, but we’re glad to see that,” said Bruce Banerdt, InSight’s principal investigator. Without any obstructions or weird topography, the site will leave InSight’s suit of instruments “extremely safe.” That bodes well for InSight’s heat-flow probe, which needs to drill five meters down to take Mars’ temperature.

Still the scientists are deciding where to place the instrument and start working.

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