Image Source: NASA

NASA and SpaceX are up to something amazing from the past some years and it seems like their time of success is near. SpaceX and NASA together are working on a project to deliver the best of their craft to carry the astronauts to the International Space Station. If Crew Dragon qualifies the test, then it is going to be the first ever American aircraft to carry the astronauts to the ISS as before the astronauts had to travel through the Russian spacecraft. NASA and SpaceX conducted a test on June 26 which was a dress rehearsal for the company’s first crew flight test which they named  Demo-2, to the microgravity laboratory. The test is supposed to integrate the simulations between NASA and SpaceX flight control teams. Both of the organizations are supposed to perform multiple simulations which will identify the dynamic phase of a mission from the launch to the touchdown of the spacecraft.

Image Source: SpaceX

The reason behind performing the simulations is to make sure the safety of the performance of the mission as well as the lives in it and other reason is to solve the problems which may arise. The first astronauts who are going to travel in the space flight are Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. Both of the astronauts are going to travel in the SpaceX’s Demo-2 mission. Both the astronauts are working with SpaceX so that they can get familiar with their mission and know every detail of the mission and they were also present throughout the designing and the construction of the spacecraft. The simulations between both the teams will allow the astronauts to know more about the mission and they will be able to practice for the mission from the ground which includes the handling of the equipment and other challenges that might take place during the flight.

The test flight carries a lot of responsibility for the company as it will give a chance to the company to show their capabilities and will also give them a license or say certificate from NASA Commercial Crew Program. If the company gets certified, then SpaceX will be able to perform regular flights to the International Space Station with a larger crew on board. SpaceX’s Demo-1 mission which was organized back in March gave a chance to the company to show their full capability and it turned out to be successful as the Crew Dragon spacecraft successfully delivered the supply and the equipment to the International Space Station.

The spacecraft was also successful in gathering and carrying the data and was able to transfer power to the station. When it turned out that the everything went exactly as expected, the Crew Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial spacecraft which is able to carry human lives along with other necessities. The Crew Dragon was also successful in the landing section as it was able to splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean which was a very important step towards the proof that the spacecraft can carry humans onboard.


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