NASA will hold a press conference on May 2nd, 2018 in order to discuss the experiment on a new nuclear reactor power system which is specially designed for space travel at Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. NASA is looking forward to setting up an inexpensive nuclear power system in space.

NASA’s latest project, which aims for a new technology which would help in developing an affordable fission nuclear power system in order to support the long-term missions. NASA will be highlighting the mission’s objectives on May 2nd which includes the significance of robotic and human exploration missions to the Moon, Mars and other planets. The discussion will also include the Electric Propulsion Lab which will be used to test high power solar electric propulsion which is said to be powering the NASA’s lunar orbit.

The NASA Kilopower project was in process since the month of November 2017 and it got announced in January 2018. This is a very important project as it will be providing astronauts with space fission power system which will be emitting 10 kilowatts of electricity constantly for 10 years.

According to The Independent, the Kilopower experiments were carried out by NASA between the months of November 2017 and March 2018 at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). The release does not specifiers any kind of nature of the experiments or findings.

NASA said in a statement about the advantage of the Kill power, that it can be used in place of solar energy as it will be hard for many missions to keep relying on solar energy. NASA believed that “ Kilopower could be an optimal solution due to its reliability, efficiency, and convenience.”

Lee Mason who is the principal technologist for power and energy storage at NASA said that “we want a power source that can handle the extreme environment. Kill power opens up the full surface of Mars, including the northern latitudes where water may reside. On the moon, Kilopower could be deployed to help search for resources in permanently shadowed craters.”


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