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Recent pictures which are discharged by NASA indicate numerous parts of India which are under the dots of flame. The zone extends crosswise over states- Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and furthermore a few states in Southern India. NASA has anticipated that because of a lot of hot atmospheres, warmth in these regions has expanded manifolds and that’s an alarming concern for India.

Thus, black carbon is raising which is a genuine reason for serious global warming. A portion of the specialists perceives that these red spots might be because of forest fires. Which, if we take a look at NASA’s images, seems logically true as the regions with more area of forests are showing more red dots.

Nonetheless, Hiren Jethva who is a researcher at Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA senses that flames in Central India, for the most part, happen because of crop fires. This is because of the reality since forest fires are wild and thusly there are high odds of causing smoke and murkiness. And that is nowhere reported recently in these states.

The horticultural researcher believes that the expansion of such occurrences of crop fire might be on account of Indian agriculturists are more reliant on combine harvesters which bring about deserting short stubble behind. Nonetheless, this routine with regards to stubble burning is an immense issue all over India and isn’t limited just to northern states of Punjab and Haryana as it were.

As of recent Indian agriculturists are proceeding with the act of paddy burning. They are turning to such a strategy since it is unused as a feed. In any case, of late, the farmers are additionally following wheat stubble burning. Those states which have gone under the red dabs in the as of recent NASA images are for the most part rice and wheat delivering states, where the residuals of crops are way too high.

There are generally two alternatives for the agriculturists in such case. First one is to apply the manual procedure. The second one, on the other hand, is by the combine harvesting. Be that as it may, with an absence of skilled workers in this piece of the world, the combine harvesting is ending up more well known among the agriculturists. Hence, as the NASA images of alarming concern also suggest, the combined collection is turning into the most recent pattern to make the fields prepared for paddy, and creating a huge matter of concern for India.

Mr. Hiren has in his report said the fact that the primary purpose behind such disturbing rate of increment of crop fires is because of combined harvesting. Agriculturists are unwilling to utilize manual work, as it adds to their cost of crop production, and clear the deposit. He has likewise said that even it has turned out to be hard to look after animals, and along these lines, the farmers tend to burn even wheat debris.

Then again, Ridhima Gupta, one of the specialists in ISB, Hyderabad said in favor of farmers in the terms of practicality and understanding the fact that the farmer’s clan is mostly not that much rich. Though she accepts the danger NASA images show about Indian issues. She has said that is exceptionally costly to utilize labor work for such clearance as opposed to connecting with the combined harvesting method.

This is not the first time when NASA has published something alarming about the Indian climate. Sometimes it’s Diwali celebrations with the air polluting crackers smoke, sometimes forest fires (be it natural or done by concerned people) and sometimes combined harvesting like as of now. The government will have to take some rigid actions on behalf of NASA images before they become alarming concerns for India.


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