NASA has been sending its tech to the planet Mars since a couple of years now. NASA has already sent robots with wheels who have helped scientists to explore more about the red planet. The urge of exploring new things about the planet kept increasing for scientists as NASA has now planned to send a helicopter on the planet so that they can examine and look for any new activity. The Mars Helicopter is going to hop on to the spacecraft that is going to be launched in July 2020.

Image Source: NASA/JPL

A robot which rides on wheels is already present on Mars and it helping NASA to study the planet more deeply. The helicopter is going to be placed in the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket which is going to take off at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Mars Helicopter weighs just 4 lb which will land on the surface of the planet Mars and will fly to the places where the robot can not reach. The main motive of the helicopter is to explore the sites where NASA’s other techs cannot reach. As per the statement by NASA, the Mars Helicopter is going to the first tech in history “to establish the viability of heavier-than-air vehicles flying on another planet.”

The main concern of the scientists was regarding the flying of the helicopter but fortunately, the Mars Helicopter successfully completed its first test in a vacuum chamber which was 25 foot in height. MiMi Aung, project manager for the Mars Helicopter at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, conveyed, “We expect to complete our final tests and refinements and deliver the helicopter to the High Bay 1 clean room for integration with the rover sometime this summer. But we will never really be done with testing the helicopter until we fly at Mars.”


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