Genes, Dogs, Scientific Reports
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Dogs are the most reliable companion you can ever have in your life. Being a dog lover, it is hard to imagine even a single day without our dogs. The bond that a dog shares with his or her family member is just priceless and if you have grown up with a family dog, you know the feels. The kisses, hugs, jumps, the tail wiggles, snatching, running, and cuddling at the time when you are going to sleep or having a bad day, dogs are just everything you need to make your life better and let’s just thank your genes that make us love our dogs more than anything.

Genes, Dogs, Scientific Reports
Image Source: MillaF/Shutterstock

Yes, we are relating genes with love for your dog. According to the new study published in the journal Scientific Reports shows that there is a genetic reason related to owning a dog. When the researchers compared the Swedish dog registration data with the 35,035 twins data from the Swedish Twin Registry who were between 1926 and 1996, they found out that love for dogs is genetically connected. Researchers mentioned in the study, “We found that additive genetic factors largely contributed to dog ownership, with heritability estimated at 57 percent for females and 51 percent for males.” Researchers have not come to the conclusion regarding the specific gene which is responsible for the connection between humans and dogs.

Tove Fall, lead author of the study, and professor in molecular epidemiology at the Department of Medical Sciences and the Science for Life Laboratory at Uppsala University said in an Uppsala University release, “We were surprised to see that a person’s genetic make-up appears to be a significant influence in whether they own a dog. Although dogs and other pets are common household members across the globe, little is known how they impact our daily life and health, perhaps some people have a higher innate propensity to care for a pet than others.”

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