International Space Station is the biggest achievement of the human race. International Space Station is a platform where astronauts from all around the world have access to visit and stay to study and research the outer space and our Earth. ISS keeps on orbiting the Earth. ISS was a joint project in which several nations were included such as Russia, America, and many other nations. The cosmonauts present on ISS keeps their respective agencies updated regarding the new researches and studies either via photographs or digital documentation. Recently, an astronaut from NASA named Nick Hague shared a time-lapse of the earth.

Image Source: NASA

Hague shared the time-lapse of the view of the Earth from ISS hurtling over the low orbit of the Earth. Hague shot the video for straight half an hour which was later turned into a one minute time-lapse in which ISS travelled the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The view was just magical as the Earth was covered with a white layer of clouds on the blue surface which was astonishing. The sensational sight filmed 254 miles over the Earth. Hague took over the internet via Twitter as he tweeted, “Took a moment to capture the beauty of our planet today. I was awestruck as I watched the wispy clouds disappear into the shadows.” If we talk about the costing of the ISS, it cost more than $150 billion.

Nick Hague has been there on ISS since March 14 and is doing perfectly fine over there. His expedition is coming to an ending in October. Hague shared his two months experience on Twitter in May as he said, “2 months into my stay on @Space_Station! What’s it like adjusting to life in space? My back stretched out due to lack of gravity & I’m now 2 inches taller, fluid shifts make me feel a bit stuffy, & the tops of my feet now have calluses since we use them like hands-on handrails.”


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