After five months of the Soyuz spacecraft failed the launch, now successfully they have reached the International Space Station. Alexey Ovchinin and Nick Hague, fortunately, survived after the Soyuz mission aborted. Finally, Russian cosmonaut along with the other two astronauts of the U.S. have arrived ISS. The last mission was not successful as the rocket was blasted in Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and docked at ISS in less than six hours later.

Mission commander Ovchinin said the reason for the blast was mooring mechanism. When the spacecraft blasted, those two men came out without harming themselves. This is very disappointing for the Russian space industry and happened for the first time after Soviet history. Ovchinin described that there were some components which made this happen. He said, “Yesterday they found some minor malfunctions.” He also told that the shape of the spacecraft is fine and there are no problems.

Hague, 43, said that it will be his second attempt to get into space. He added, “I’m 100 percent confident in the rocket and the spaceship”

The October abort was caused by a sensor damaged during the rocket’s assembly. ‘Old but reliable’, Space expert Vadim Lukashevich said last-minute replacements were nothing out of the ordinary.

“The Soyuz is an old but reliable machine,” he told AFP. Russia handled a lot of problems from many years. They have seen the loss of cargo spacecraft and numerous satellites. When the abort was done then it was really disappointing as many preparations were done to complete the mission. They took one and a half year to complete all the preparations

Now Russia will be facing competition from the SpaceX also after the successful launch of the crew Dragon spacecraft. Russia was taking the NASA astronauts in their Soyuz rocket and used to charge higher prices from them after NASA lost its space shuttle eight years ago.

Koch, a 40-year-old space rookie, called the SpaceX success a “great example of what we’ve been doing for a very long time.”

“And that is cooperating among partners and making things that are very difficult look easy,” she said. ‘First spacewalks’ This Crew Dragon paves the path to new explorations and commercial space travel headed by Elon Musk. ISS will have a crew of six after Oleg Kononenko, Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques will get there.

“In space, we’ll use clippers attached to a vacuum device so that the hair particles don’t float around or get stuck in our vent


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