The pollution is just in the top in India as not only the people are affected by the harm but also the animals and small species of insects like mosquitoes. A case which came out in early 2017 in which a two-year-old kid named Utsav got diagnosed with asthma and because of his health conditions he has to wear a mask to cover his nose from dust and pollution. Utsav uses nebulizer and asthma pumps on a regular basis. The capital of India is way polluted than any other city or state in the country.

Image Source: Al Jazeera

Utsav’s mother Priya conveyed while waiting for the doctor in a hospital, she said, “Whenever the air quality depletes, Utsav’s condition worsens. He is quite young but he starts asking for medicines and nebulizer whenever he starts feeling uneasy. We cannot even afford good quality masks,” as her husband Kamal is a common data entry operator at a food company. The income of Utsav’s father is not enough to help his kid with the best treatment but he is doing everything he can in his power. The air quality of the capital of India, ‘Delhi’ is worst during the early winters.

The pollution index is meant to be 2.5 micrometers or say PM 2.5 but during the early winters, the mark crosses 440 which is way dangerous and is 12 times the US government’s set limit. The city’s average PM2.5 level is around 114. Dr. AK Singh Delhi-based pulmonologist conveyed to the news, “Children are the worst affected because they respire more air as they are involved in physical activities. The coming generation is going to be seriously affected since their lung development is not happening in a healthy manner. Another story of a common citizen who shifted from Delhi to Chandigarh due to the rising pollution. Saras Kaman husband of Sandhya Kamal conveyed to the news, “Delhi’s pollution had gotten on our nerves. Living in the city became a recurring nightmare.”


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