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Ancient Egyptian warrior woman Statue suggests the existence of Alien life on Mars. The most recent images from the Curiosity Rover recommend an extraterrestrial armed force once meandered the red planet. Joe White, space video journalist by profession from Bristol has clearly asserted that he has discovered a potential proof of alien life which might have existed on Mars. In the wake of breaking down pictures taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, the space writer has made sense of peculiar statue which is strikingly like the head of an ancient Egyptian warrior woman.

Being a keen observer, the amateur astronomer detected the curious-looking statue that has all the earmarks of being to be head of an ancient Egyptian warrior woman.

“I have found what looks like to be a small feminine looking statue head on Mars in Gale Crater in this latest Curiosity Rover picture from NASA,”  said Joe White.

“It resembles a carved depiction of the Egyptian female warrior wearing a helmet like some found on Earth from the middle ages.”

He further adds- “It has a possible symbol on the forehead and some very interesting facial highlights that look almost Egyptian in artistic style.”

“Only a few inches in size or less.

Joe White even recommend that these artifacts are significant proof of an ancient civilization which once ruled Mars.

“This is one of the few hundreds of similar artifacts that I have found on Mars in these recent years and may go further to demonstrate that there was an ancient and artistic civilization on Mars previously.”

“The question is how long ago?” added White.

Joe operates his very own YouTube channel ArtAlienTV and trawls through Nasa’s images each day to discover unusual shapes and then showcase them to the overenthusiastic audience.

On the same channel, he has shared the video of his recent finding about the warrior woman face, and it has attracted more than 15,000 views from the time it was upload.

A month ago, Barry DiGregorio, an astrobiologist at the University of Buckingham excessively had some similar perspectives about the statue image, and he contended that Mars had harbored life in the past years.

The astrobiologist firmly guaranteed that he has discovered the evidence of alien impressions on Mars which proposes that living creatures had once wandered over the red planet.

This is not for the first occasion when that Joe White is making sense of peculiarities in photographs taken by NASA’S masterpiece Curiosity rover. Previously, he has allegedly made sense of a bearded Martian man on the surface of planet Mars, and before that, he asserted to have made sense of a boot in the rocks of the red planet.

Now, what’s your take on this coverage? Some might think it to be just a coincident to have found an ancient Egyptian warrior woman Statue by the journalist Joe White, who further claims to have got some significant proof of alien life on the planet Mars in the past era. Such types of assertions are very frequent, thanks to the pictures sent by Curiosity rover and the researchers who peek into them deeply to make connections with the theories. Well, with no doubts, this finding of ancient Egyptian warrior woman Statue adds on to the proof aliens lived on Mars.


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