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Nao is the cutest robot by far that even carried its very own news conference in Montreal on 3rd May. There it spoke about its achievements in assisting students dealing with autism spectrum disorder and those that had learning difficulties. Nao can communicate with human beings using their sensors, cameras, and microphones to see and hear people in his surroundings. The small robot is 58 centimeters tall, just a little over knee high, is based on artificial intelligence. Nao is also said to be a humanoid due to the fact that it can immediately give answers to the questions asked and even recognizes certain human emotions.

The Quebec robot Nao was born from the idea of a professor at the Université de Montréal. The professor is Thierry Karsenti, Canada Research Chair in Technologies in Education. Karsenti urged scholars to program Nao with distinct levels of complexity so as to make it helpful for a broad range of students.

The humanoid Nao has visited elementary and secondary schools of Quebec in the previous year to communicate with his students and help them in leaning effectively. The previous year, Prof. Thierry Karsenti examined Nao in different schools. He told that- “Kids were so engaged, just because the robot was there. They were coming to school on ped days. They were staying at school, after school, until 5 p.m.”

Karsenti taught students to program Nao in order to make it sing, play soccer and dance. After his project in 2017, Karsenti described that the following step was to help students dealing with autism to perform well in school and even excel. He then carried the humanoid Nao to the CFER de Bellechasse in Saint-Raphaël-de-Bellechasse, a special school assigned only for children with special requirements.

Karsenti saw that Nao was a masterpiece and the robot has produced them the much-needed skills for the 21st century, as well as loads of self-confidence. Teacher Diana Osorio was overwhelmed to observe that the children immediately responded to the new ‘assistant teacher’s every action.

“Kids who never talk in class, who never look at their teacher in the eye.. they looked at the robot. They talked to the robot. They really empathize with the robot. I felt it was cute, immediately when I saw it. It’s weird to feel that way when you see a machine. And I can see why kids, especially kids with autism feel attracted.”, said the teacher Diana Osorio.

The Quebec Humanoid Nao can be proved to be a breakthrough in encouraging learning temperament in the students dealing with autism. Nao has a fine capability to communicate with human beings using its high definition sensors, cameras, and microphones to feel and understand the output given by people in his surroundings. Nao is so small, 58 centimeters to be precise, that young students find it like one of their toys, yet so intelligent. Its knee high length brought him closer to the students. Quebec Nao immediately responds to the queries and can recognize several human emotions, which brings it closer to the students with autism and other learning difficulties.


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