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Anne McClain who is the first astronaut who went inside the SpaceX made Falcon 9 known as Crew Dragon spacecraft. This spacecraft can create history by taking humans into space. NASA gave this project to SpaceX and Boeing with the aim to design the spacecraft in which they can send their astronauts to outer space at a less cost. NASA lost its space shuttle years ago and then it used to book seats in the Soyuz rocket of Russia to send its astronauts to space. With the vision of creating their own shuttle, they gave this project to SpaceX.

SpaceX is the American Aerospace private company founded by the entrepreneur Elon Musk. They had the vision of creating a spacecraft and lessening the amount of expense involved in space travel. They have been making this Falcon 9 rocket from the years and if this is taking the humans then it needs to be perfect. They are testing the capsule and launched their rocket to the space station having a human-like dummy. Crew Dragon took the supplies to the space station and if this testing becomes successful then surely it will be taking humans to space.

Prior to the arrival of the SpaceX crew capsule, McClain tweeted that the ISS crew was enjoying “a quiet night on the space station before the new era of space flight arrives at our front door tomorrow …” In a video which was posted on Twitter, an astronaut goes into the capsule and welcomes the dummy named Ripley.

Intl. Space Station

@Space_Station .@AstroAnnimal welcomes humans aboard the first @SpaceX #CrewDragon to visit the station and introduces two special guests, Ripley and Little Earth, ushering in the era of @Commercial_Crew. #LaunchAmerica

McClain said “Congratulations to all of the teams who made yesterday’s launch and today’s docking a success. These amazing feats show us not how easy our mission is, but how capable we are of doing hard things.” Crew Dragon in the successor of the famous Dragon capsule which is used to take supplies to the space station and is working from the seven years. If this Crew Dragon will emerge out as a successful mission then it will be the biggest achievement for all. Crew Dragon, also known as Dragon 2 is able to carry 7 humans in it.

NASA launch manager Steve Stich described the latest mission as “an important step in returning human spaceflight to American soil.” He said “SpaceX and NASA teams had been working side-by-side on the mission, adding that the flight test “will inform the system design, operations, and drive any changes that need to be made ahead of crew flights.”

Musk said he was “a little emotionally exhausted,” adding that he was pleased SpaceX was making good progress toward its ambition of launching astronauts into space.

“The whole goal of SpaceX was crewed spaceflight [and] improved space exploration technologies,” Musk said. “I really believe in the future of space, and I think it’s important that we become a space-faring civilization and get out there among the stars.”


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