Ever wondered what happens with the recyclables that you throw in the garbage on a daily basis? It normally goes to the recyclers for recyclers and the process includes a lot of stuff and instead of going to the dump the plastics and other recyclables are sent to the facilities where they get recycled. The process is indeed long but once the recycling is done, the recycled goods are sent to further factories for processing so that they can be used as a product again.

Calvin Davidson, Ray’s Trash Service Project Manager, conveyed, “This is the area where the trucks deliver, the bottles, cans, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, things like that.” he continued, “this is where we are also looking for the large objection’s materials, the things that shouldn’t be included in your recycling. This is a quick pick. It’s really moving fast. A lot of folks doing what they can to clean the system up. Clean the material up before it enters the rest of the system.”

Image Source: wthr.com

He also said that the process includes Eddy Current as he conveyed, “Eddy Current removes the aluminum. The Eddy Current is the introduction of a high-frequency magnetic field that repels the aluminum cans. So, if you watch the aluminum on the belt, the aluminum appears to jump off the belt, as it exists.” After the process, everything is separated and moved away in the shipment.”

Davidson also explained the process of recycling the Tide bottles, “here’s a good example of where recycled material is used, downstream, after it’s sorted and recovered. You can slice the bottle open and expose the interior. So this liner is a lighter orange color. That’s actually the recycled material. It’s a multi-layered bottle. The darker is the fresh, the virgin material that’s layered on the outside so there’s more recycle content to that container than there is virgin resin. So it’s a good example of recycled material.


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