A study done in Antarctica revealed that the continent saw an increase in snowfall over the last 200 years. This rise in snowfall could be a warning bell for the rise in sea levels. The rise in snowfall is a good thing but these will have an adverse effect on us too.

The research which was conducted by an International team led by British Antarctic Survey and the findings of the team will be presented at the European Geosciences Union event in Vienna. The Scientists have conducted an analysis of 79 ice cores which are collected from all across Antarctica. The result of the research revealed that there is a 10 percent increase in snowfall over the last 200 years. The total estimation is equal to 272 gigatons of water.

The snow from the ice cores was then examined in order to measure the amount of snowfall in each season. The chemical is used so that it would show a seasonal change. These chemicals are peak during the summer and are at minimal during the winter.  Researchers then measured the time difference between the chemical peaks to estimate the amount of snowfall that was received by Antarctica. The analysis result shows that there is about 300 billion tons of additional snow fell during the period of 2001 to 2010 with respect to 1801 to 1810.

The research done previously for the climate change has shown that the rising temperature and weather will be extreme at both the ends. This means that the summer will be hotter and winter will be colder. The increase in snowfall was measured all over Antarctica. The rise in snowfall can reduce the sea level rise by some millimeters.

Experts said that the glaciers are melting at a fast rate than snow is falling to replace it. This melting has contributed for about 14 percent rise in sea level.


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