Earthquakes can be lethal and when they occur they cause some major destruction to the property and even to the lives. The way things are changing on our planet are leading towards the chaos and to be honest, no one knows what can happen in a click of time. Earthquakes are indeed capable of taking the whole planet down and the tectonic disturbance is rapid from the past couple of years. The scientists and researchers are always up to detecting unusual activities. All these years, scientist have come to know that quakes are connected to the tides as per the studying the mountains which exist underwater but then the increase in the tremors during the low tides is still a mystery.

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As per Professor Christopher Scholz, a Columbia University seismologist, “Everyone was sort of stumped because according to conventional theory, those earthquakes should occur at high tides.” As per the research by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory team, the magma which exists below the ridges of the mid-ocean is responsible for the quakes under water. Professor Scholz, who co-led the study, said: ”It’s the magma chamber breathing, expanding and contracting due to the tides, that’s making the faults move.” The ocean faults are the reason behind the quakes between the low tides and the tilted plane between the earth which breaks our planet into two blocks is known as the ocean fault.

When the water flow is high on the top of the fault, the upper block is pushed down and that causes the earthquake under water. The fault slips down during low tide, when forces are actually pulling upwards, “which is the opposite of what you’d expect,” explained Scholz. The Axial Volcano and the Juan de Fuca Ridge which lies in the Pacific Ocean were studied by the team. Scientists sent their techs to the ocean bottom as the volcanos erupt in every 10 years.


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