In a finding Scientists have found, that there is a second magnetic field that is generated by the Earth. This new finding was presented by researchers at the 2018 European Geoscience Union in Vienna, Austria. According to the reports, the magnetic field was discovered by the trio of satellites which were used to study the magnetic fields.

The mission which was named as “Swarm” was launched in the year 2013. Four years after the launch and continuous effort by researchers have given results. The data that are collected helps in mapping the latest discovery in the world of space technology. The satellites used to revolve around the earth at 300-530 km. Nils Olsen, who is the physicist from the Technical University of Denmark revealed that this surprise at Geoscience Union Meeting.

Earth’s magnetic field is created by the movement and swirling of superheated liquid iron in the outer core of the earth. The magnetic field also gets affected by magnetized rocks in the crust and ocean flow. The scientists have discovered the second magnetic field is created due to Moon pulls on earth oceans with the help of the magnetic field. The magnetic field which is detected at the earth surface is about 20,000 times weaker than the earth’s global magnetic field.

The newly discovered magnetic field can help to hone the models of global warming and to know the changing patterns of heat energy as they change their positions globally. In addition to this, the tidal magnetic signal also has a weak magnetic response under the deep seabed. These findings will help the researchers to study the electrical properties of the earth lithosphere along with upper mantle.

Nils Olsen , who is the head of geomagnetism at the Technical Universit if Denmark, said in a statement that “ We have used Swarm to measure the magnetic signals of the tides from the ocean surface to the seabed, which gives us a truly global picture of how the ocean flows at all depths and this is new.”


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