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As space is almost all vacuum, no sound can be heard. But the solar system isn’t as strict to the sense of smell, according to what Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield experienced, says space smells like bad barbecue.

It’s right that you can’t take your head out of the space station and take a smell. But Chris Hadfield tells with his 17 years ago spaceflight experience during a spacewalk that you can get a smell of the solar system after a spacewalk due to the fact that smell sticks to an astronaut’s space suit much like pot smoke.

He tries to explain in layman terms that its all space around you, its emptiness and nothing at all. If your imagination can’t go that far, you can think of it as exactly the opposite of air. You can have a smell of the things that were surrounded by nothing.

“When you come in from a spacewalk, you’re surrounded by the emptiness of space,” Hadfield told Wired recently. “It’s sort of like the opposite of air. There’s nothing there at all. When you open up the hatch, you smell what is that lingering from a place that used to be exposed to space. But the smell in there is a little bit like that trace of a smell of gunpowder or burnt steak. To me, it’s sort of like brimstone – like a witch has just been there. It’s a cool, lingering trace of a smell.”

If we apply some science and a bit of common sense, not much, then such claims are easily ridiculed with less time spent justifying the reason. But Hadfield is also not throwing blunders. He thinks that the smell of space might actually be produced by the things in space rather than space itself.

“I think…the vacuum of space is actually pulling trace chemicals out of the walls of the ship. Little bits of stuff you never smell because normally there’s air pressure holding them into the metal. They’re slowly off-gassing those tiny little trace gases and trace particles that otherwise [would] never get into your nose…That’s where [I think] the smell is coming from. Maybe it’s not coming from space but space’s effect on our ship.”

Chris Hadfield, in the end, justified with a promising reason behind the cause of the smell of space. He shares his spaceflight experience which took place 17 years ago during a spacewalk. He well tried to reason the smell of the space and it is satisfactory if not the absolute answer.


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